About Me

Hey, I’m Anthony Free. I’m a Product Manager and an amateur Game Maker.

I strive to help others with whatever they wish to achieve and have a passion for adding creativity and magic to what may seem an ordinary or mundane existence.

I believe we are more than the sum of the revenue of widgets our companies sell or the cost savings for shareholders; we are here to help each other experience as much pleasure and joy as possible while being kind and compassionate.

As a product manager, I set out to:

  • Be an organized, prepared, and trustworthy collaborator
  • Ask the right questions to ensure the correct focus on what’s important
  • Follow through on tasks and goals (especially when the team is dependent on my deliverables)
  • Amplify my team’s ability to perform and achieve their best

As a game maker, I aspire to:

  • Explore the many possible outcomes of how our existing and future systems
  • Inspire everyone to create worlds of cooperation that focus on relationship and connection
  • Focus my game making time on projects that have deep meaning to me
  • Maintain a productive game making habit while keeping balance in the rest of my life

Note to Self: Add pretty graphics and remove words.

My History

To be continued…