Lollipop Guild

The League of Leisurely Ludological Independent Pursuits of Passion Guild (“Lollipop” or “Lollipop Guild” for short) is a casual, low-stress peer-group for game development amateurs & hobbyists that help each other manage & maintain a healthy & rewarding game making practice that is integrated & balanced into the rest of our lives.

Our Members:

  • Give & receive feedback & advice on our active projects
  • Share knowledge & best practices on game creation & hobby-life balance
  • Help each other stay grounded & realistic about our projects while pushing ourselves to grow
  • Genuinely are here to listen to each other and collaborate


We use the following to help us stay in touch & get work done:

  • Godot Engine: This is our preferred engine and we’d like to welcome those looking to use Godot as their primary game making tool.
  • Habitica: We have a party in Habitica our members are welcome to optionally join. Habitica is a task and habit tracker with some lite-RPG game mechanics.
  • Discord: This is our main channel for communication.
  • Pomodoro: There are a ton of apps, but this productivity technique seems to be the one that we go back to over and over.


  • Weekly progress logs are posted in Discord. These can be as simple as “I didn’t do anything this week.” to links out to detailed blog posts or even a latest game build for members to try out.
  • Monthly voice/video call to chat about how we are doing and bounce ideas off each other
  • Challenges and jams for the group (Some of these challenges will be in Habitica)

Future Members

This group is primarily for people with either non-game related jobs or people wanting to maintain a game making practice outside of work hours. We are less about creating games that are profitable and well-marketed than we are about just making and finishing games. If that sounds like something you’re interested in joining, reach out to us at lollipopgamedev.